About us


With our mission to introduce Kyoto and Beyond

which was established in 2007, we at WaRaiDo Guide Networks have been conducting a wide variety of programs, from Kyoto focused walking tours to long travels across Japan which take more than three weeks. We have come to guide more than 10,000 guests a year, and have accumulated immeasurable experiences and gained a countless number of favorable reviews and continual requests by travelers for subsequent guided tours.

Facing this current difficult moment in the world, we have reaffirmed our strong resolution to introduce Kyoto and beyond to the people of the world with some new initiatives.

WaRaiDo Guide Networks (WaRaiDo Inc.)

4F, CLOTO bldg., 376 Ichinofunairi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto City 604-0924, Japan




株式会社 和来堂

〒604-0924 京都市中京区河原町通二条下ル一之船入町376 CLOTOビル4F

Hands-on tour experiences with our well experienced guides

For individual tourists, we offer various unique guided tours and experience programs by mobilizing our highly experienced guides with government issued licenses, while for tour agents abroad, we also serve in the capacity of tour operator registered by the government.



New initiative for potential visitors to Japan

Since the world outbreak of COVID-19, people are facing an unprecedented time of difficulty, and it is not easy to travel. As such, we have decided to introduce things Japanese to the people in the world for free on our YouTube channel, Kyoto and Beyond.



Relaxing experience with our sailboat

For those who find themselves leading stressful life styles in the current world, we have started a new type of program for a relaxing experience. When you visit Kyoto, we would like to soothe your mind in the biggest lake in Japan, which is closely located near Kyoto.




Our team

上野 哲也



玉田 三絵




Founder, Owner & CEO

Involved in the business of overseas marketing with an automobile manufacturer. After which, established WaRaiDo Inc. Successfully achieved the position of examiner of the national guide examination. Also supervised the English for Communication program designed for Kyoto city municipal employees. Introduced on various TV shows and magazines as an entrepreneur in the field of inbound tourism. The captain of Lake Biwa Sailing project. Expert skier. Kyoto resident.


Licensed guide

Mie, often dressed in kimono is, in addition to being a government licensed guide, a very interesting lady who possesses a beautiful combination of Japanese humility and western humor. Her name, Mie, literally means "three pictures" in Japanese and, true to that name, she likes to describe pictures of the past, present and future of Japan. Also, took charge of the English for Communication program designed for Kyoto city municipal employees.

西田 あゆこ



平野 久子




Licensed guide

Spent her life as a student in Kyoto while attending university, and took up residency here. Ayuko became inspired to be a government licensed guide to introduce Japan to the world. She is also a mountain climber and outdoor lover, often hiking around mountainous areas which surround Kyoto. Ayuko loves Japanese animation film.


Licensed guide

Living in Kyoto, Hisako loves Japanese traditions such as tea ceremony, Kimono dressing, Japanese gardens and washoku, meaning Japanese cuisine. Formerly a high school teacher, she was later inspired to be a licensed guide to introduce spiritual aspects of Japanese culture, represented by such examples as the tea ceremony.

蒲 由紀子



小田 桂子




Tour conductor

Born of a Japanese father and a German mother, and raised in Osaka Japan, Yuki was born to be a talented communicator. She developed her English skill in the early years of her life, and has been teaching English for over 15 years. She later made her debut as a "cross-cultural communicator" in the inbound tourism field to introduce aspects of Japanese life more deeply for our treasured guests.


Public relations

Loving shiba inu, a Japanese breed of hunting dog, and washoku, Japanese cuisine, Keiko follows truly the Japanese way of life in Kyoto. She is a licensed culinary researcher focusing on traditional Kyoto local cuisine. She is in charge of reservations, public relations and planning of sales promotional materials.