Lake Biwa Sailing & BBQ - More relaxing afternoon 

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As a UNESCO World Heritage event, the magnificent festival in Kyoto is a must-see phenomenon when you visit Japan. Ted


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Time required 5 hours
14:00-17:00 Sailing
17:00-19:00 Sunset BBQ on a balcony of a lake-side hotel
Meeting time 15:30
Meeting location Find “WaRaiDo Sailing Club” on Google Map along Otsu Port
4-minute walk from Biwako Hamaotsu Station
Tour ends at another location Hotel Izutsu (lake-side hotel)
Address: 1-29-9, Simosakamoto, Ohtsu City, Shiga pref. 520-0105, Japan
From the hotel, 1km to JR Karasaki Station (about 1,000 yen by taxi), 5km to Biwako-hamaohtsu Station (about 2,000 yen by taxi), and you are advised to take taxi to
those stations to return to the Kyoto area.
Guests per sailing 2 to 6 guests
Eligibility of participants 9 years old or older
Safety measure / remarks Food materials are separately prepared for each person as an anti-infectious measure.
Body temperature check by Non-contact thermometer is conducted when meeting.
Alcohol disinfection measure of sailing equipment.
Guests are advised to wear masks during the activity.
Life jackets are prepared and compulsory to wear during the activity.
Shoes with rubber sole are required to wear.
Swim wear is NOT needed.
Final decision of sailing Before 10AM of one day before the event, final decision of sailing is made according to the weather forecast. You will receive the e-mail via SMS or e-mail.
Payment Payment by credit card on request
Cancellation policy Cancel up to 24 hours before product date or time

BBQ course (additional charge) Food materials
Regular course (no additional charge) Non-Japanese beef, chicken, wiener, vegetables, etc.
Course B (additional 1,000 yen) Japanese beef, chicken, vegetables, etc.
Course A (additional 2,000 yen) High quality wagyu Japanese beef, vegetables, etc.
【Alcohol and soft drinks】…available on request on the spot with separate payment
・All-you-can-drink alcohol (additional 2,000 yen): draft beer, table wine, etc.
・All-you-can-drink soft drinks (additional 1,000 yen): tea, coke, non-alcohol beer, etc.

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2020-09-24 @ 01:00 to
2020-09-30 @ 02:00




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