Fushimi Inari Taisha Tour

Hiking around the entire mountain of the world-famous Shinto shrine: Once awarded as the most popular shrine destination in Japan by TripAdvisor, Fushimi Inari Taisha is indeed an extraordinarily famous Shinto shrine. The tour covers its entire mountain, so it's like going hiking or mountain climbing.

Back-street walking tour

To know the life of craftsman and Kyoto people (formerly known as the "WALK IN KYOTO, TALK IN ENGLISH" walking tour): In respect for "Johnny Hillwalker", who started the guided walking tour in English in 1996, we keep conducting the original WALK IN KYOTO, TALK IN ENGLISH tour in his namesake to guide you into the true lives of the craftsman and the people of Kyoto.

The Gion Matsuri festival tour

leaning about the eternal traditions from the 9th century: As a UNESCO World Heritage event, the magnificent festival in Kyoto is a must-see phenomenon. Our CEO is also deeply involved in this event and he uniquely produces the tour through his hands-on experience. The in-depth story is told as to what the true significance of the ritual is.

Mystery Walking Tour

Kyoto's Folklore and Ghost: In the eastern mountainous area in Kyoto, there is a place called Toribeno, where a certain funeral practice used to be conducted, and a narrow street down the mountain is believed to be a place to connect the land of the dead with our living world. Your guide will tell you such hidden scary stories in August when the dead are believed to be returning to their former homes.