Night walk in Gion

Night-time Exploration in Gion, the Geisha district - is world famous and one of the most popular walking tours in Japan with more than 7,000 guests a year.

True story of the last samurai

How he lived, how he fought and how he died in Kyoto: The tour is about the dawn of Japan's modernization movement which had started in the beginning of 19th century in Kyoto, led by an outstanding samurai, Sakamoto Ryoma.

Let's talk about the Showa era (1926-1989)

its sub-cultures, fashions, economy and its relations with the world, including a visit to a retro-cool café from that age: This unique tour involves an occasional visit to a Showa-style café to talk about a highly influential and energetic time in Japanese history: the Showa Era.

Nishiki Market Tour

to find out about the culinary traditions of Kyoto people: Nishiki Market, a 400-meter long arcade lined with 130 grocery shops and stores, is now a world famous destination for tourists. The 100-minute guided tour covers the entire street of the market.

Kyo-Machiya, town house tour

The Kyoto-style townhouse: Kyo-machiya reminds us Japanese people of good old days, when people followed a daily routine at a relaxing pace and had their work place and residential space in the same building. This tour includes an interesting visit to traditional Kyo-machiya.

Toei Kyoto Studio Park Tour

The trail of Japanese movie stars with a ride on a cute streetcar rattling along at the speed of 40km/h: Releasing one movie every three days, Kyoto was once a pivotal place for Japanese film makers. The studio is still active for making samurai dramas and others, which are enjoyed even today.

Kobo-san and Tenjin-san

Visit to two historic flea markets: The ancient city of Kyoto has a bounty of quality antiques and second-hand items handed down for generations, some of which are from centuries ago. The tour will visit two representative  historic flea markets, regularly held on the 21st and 25th of each month.

Kyoto Railway Museum

Trace the tracks of world-leading railway system development in Japan: Kyoto has one of the biggest railway museums in Japan. Through this guided tour, you will acquire a comprehensive understanding of Japan's industrialization and transition of lifestyles amid rapid economic growth.

Lake Biwa Canal

The tour to learn about waterway connecting Lake Biwa and Kyoto: Another way to track the modernization movement – the tour for learning about the huge project to connect a manmade canal from Lake Biwa, Japan's biggest lake, to Kyoto.

Kyoto University Tour

alma mater of ten Nobel Prize winners in Japan: Kyoto University, one of the best universities in Japan, is known for being the amazing origin of ten Nobel Prize winners. A unique campus walking tour is highly recommended both for Kyoto visitors and Kyoto residents alike.