Night time Exploration in the Geisha District - Night walk in Gion

This is the virtual tour option, which is conducted simultaneously with the "real tour" involving other participants. You are advised just to install the Zoom video conferencing application and wait for the tour conduction date and time. Shortly before the tour begins, you will receive the password to join the live streaming of the real tour, and you can enjoy a truly realistic and interactive tour experience with your friends or family at home. During the 100-minute tour, the guide will lead you to the hidden street of the geisha district. Walking over the classic cobblestone next to the Shirakawa river, the scenery of which was featured in the novel / movie, "Memoirs of a Geisha," and while walking alongside the beautiful stream, the guide will tell you the story about what the geisha really is with a detailed explanation about their kimono, hairstyle, traditional rules, and how their daily life is, and more... Guests will often encounter geisha walking in the street, though we cannot guarantee. The tour fee is 1,500 yen per person without reservation and 1,200 yen per person with prior reservation and payment.

Date Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (No tour from December 29th to January 3rd
Time Tour: 18:00-19:40 (Reception:17:45) based on Japan Standard Time
Fee 1,500 yen
Meeting location About 15 minutes before the tour begins, you will receive the password to join the live streaming of the real tour.
Remarks You are advised to pre-install the Zoom application well in advance of the tour date.
Nishiki Market, a 400-meter long arcade lined with 130 grocery shops and stores, is now a world famous destination for tourists. Virtual tour version
Kyo-machiya reminds us Japanese people of good old days, when people followed a daily routine at a relaxing pace and had their work place and resident